How to Gain Music Fans and Build Promoting Skills

Increasing your fan base is not easy in the music world. You have lots of people to try and impress and with hundreds of other artists vying for attention, it’s going to be a tough task. However, there are many simple ways to gain more music fans and at the same time, build on your promotional skills too. It is well worth checking out a few tips that could help you in your music career.

Showcase Your Best on Social Media

Social media can sometimes be a more useful tool to singers and musicians than many other platforms simply because anyone and everyone can see. There are no real limitations online and that can help to ensure you gain a few more music fans. Have you thought about creating a short video of your latest song? What about posting a clip on social networking sites? If not, it might be time to do so and you might be able to help promote your music far more. It’s worth considering nonetheless.

How to Gain Music Fans and Build Promoting Skills

When You Have a Fan, Encourage Them to Spread the Word

You need to promote your music as best as you can and sometimes you need your fans to play their part. Yes, a fan can love your music but they might not think about spreading the word so why not tempt them to? You could offer a fan the chance to have a free entry into your next gig if they bring along a few friend. That can be a wonderful promotion tool to use and help gain even more music fans. Have you thought about how good your promoting skills are? If not, you need to improve them and be tactful about it.

Offer Free Entry to Gigs

Sometimes, you can actually find there’s more potential to gain more fans by offering a simple, one-off gig which is free to attend. Now, you might think that’s a big hole in your pocket but, in all honesty, you can make back what you lose if you’re able to attract enough people to come and see you. If you gain more fans, they might be more likely to buy your music and that can help in the long-term. What’s more, you might be able to get word of mouth out about your music and it will be a good tool to use. Also, free gigs are very popular and it’s something which most people check out simply because it’s free but if they like your music, they may encourage others to listen to your music as well.

Build on Your Skills

Surprisingly, there are dozens of simple ways to help you gain more fans and improve your promoting skills at the same time. You have many great options to choose from and you can surely find a few that works for you. There has never been a better time to look into improving your fan base and you could succeed if you work hard. Building on your music fan base isn’t as impossible as it sounds. Continue reading for more details.

The 7 Qualities You Must Have to Make It in the Music Business

Do you know what it takes to make it in the music industry? To be honest, it’s more than just having a good song or the ability to play an instrument. You might think it’s absolutely easy to make it in the music business when you have talent but it’s not the only thing that will make you go far. There are a few qualities you really need to have in order to make it and stay at the top! What qualities do you need to have?

Loyalty to Those who’ve Helped Get Where You Are

In the music business, you probably have had several people who’ve helped you get where you are and, if you aren’t loyal to those people, you won’t get far. Why does loyalty matter? No loyalty can be something well known and that’s not something you want to have stick with you. It doesn’t look good on you and one day you might have to look at those people again for help.

The 7 Qualities You Must Have to Make It in the Music Business

You Need to Have a Good Work Ethic

In all honesty, there needs to be a good work ethic so that you can show people you are committed to your job and that you don’t let people down. If you are too lax and are lazy then you are never going to get anything done. In the music industry, you do need a fair good work ethic, even if it means spending ten hours at the studio recording track after track and re-recording.

Good Commitment

Hard work and hard commitment is what’s needed. Without good commitment, you can fail miserably and that means your music career is over before it’s began. One of the most important qualities you need to have is of course good commitment. You have to have good commitment to your song writing to any practice lessons you’re having and, of course, any recording sessions you have set. It’s important to keep your commitments so that you can show people you are responsible.

Being More Than an Instrument Player

Just because you can play an instrument, it’s not going to carry you to the big tops and keep you there for twenty years. You have to be a little more than an instrument player; you need to have other values or talents that keep your music career at its peak. A lot of people don’t think about this when they are getting into the music business and end up failing miserably.

A Good Mindset

If you don’t have a good working mindset you can easily find your music career taking a nose dive before it’s even got off the ground. Far too many people don’t have a good enough mindset and end up failing miserably. Why does it matter? You don’t think about your commitments and you don’t think too much about what happens next. It’s not ideal and it’s potentially dangerous.

Knowing How to Handle Stress

One quality you really need to have is the ability to handle stress. Knowing how to handle stress can be so important as it will allow you to de-stress and be able to take on any difficult situation. It’s not something you might think about and yet it’s really quite important. When you know how to handle any situation then you are less likely to panic and cause a problem for yourself or anyone else. The music industry isn’t smooth so you have to be prepared for any eventuality.

The Ambition to Create More Opportunities

You absolutely need to have ambition within the music industry. You have to be able to create new opportunities outside playing an instrument or singing. Whether it’s opening your own record label or looking at taking a line of fashion, you have to find new opportunities. Why? It’s about branching out and having opportunities available should your career start slowing down. Having more than one option can help considerably.

Have the Necessary Qualities

Sometimes, you need to work on certain qualities in order to make it in the music industry. Of course, it does help if you are a good singer or can play but you also need to have a few choice qualities. There are so many things that helps someone to make it in the music industry. The above are just a few qualities that are useful in the music business. For more details you can read our article

How to Gain the Power to Create Intense Musical Emotion

Have you listened to a piece of music and have thought how emotional it really sounds? While you might not think too much about musical emotion, it’s really an important part of the industry. Whether you are playing an instrumental piece or are singing a harmony, you want to bring the power of intense musical emotion to the table. Why does it matter? People want emotion in songs, they want to feel the song and make them believe it genuine. So, how to create intense musical emotion?

Understand Which Notes Creates Emotion

You can combine notes on a keyboard and notes on a guitar to sound as dramatic and emotional as you like but it’s a tried and tested method. It’s important to understand which notes are going to help create the emotion and in which order. What is going to bring the emotion to the table and what is going to make you feel alive? When you can understand the notes which bring about those emotions you can create music which brings out a powerful emotion to the listener.

How to Gain the Power to Create Intense Musical Emotion

Experiment with the Notes

If you really are interested in making a piece of music more emotional you have to think about experimenting with the notes. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a guitar, piano, saxophone or any other kind of instrument, you have to experiment so that you can find the notes you’re looking for. You can play all day and night long or to your heart’s content and you will surely be able to find something that helps you to be more creative. Musical emotion comes from experimenting with the notes in front of you so it’s worth trying nonetheless.

Feel the Notes

You want to trigger certain emotional responses or emotions in the listeners and if you can do it right, you never have to speak a word. Have you listened to classical pieces? They can provoke emotions in listeners without any words being sung. That is what you want to achieve and sometimes to achieve that, you have to listen to how other pieces have been written or composed. What keys do others use to make their music emotional? You can’t copy them but you can understand their reactions a little better and maybe that will help you achieve your goals? It’s something worth looking into nonetheless.

Create Your Own Musical Emotion

Few artists are able to create their own musical emotion and often rely on other people’s work to play. However, you can create musical emotion if you put your mind to it. There are lots of simple ways to make a piece your own and it can be a simple yet effective tool in any musician’s war chest. Far too many people think they will fail at this but, in reality, it’s about failing in order to get better. You will probably be rubbish at first but as you get more creative and learn more, you can see your talents shining through more. That’s going to make a real difference in the music industry. Read on to find out more in details.